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Most Things Lose Their Shine

Words and music by Warde Elliott 

Warde Elliott - vocal & acoustic guitar

Tim O'Donnell - guitar

Pete Batt -piano 

Tony Floyd & Piet Collins - drums

Steve Hadley & Pete Lawler - Bass

Matthew Habben - Saxophone 

Mel Robinson - Cello

Backing vocals by Pete Batt, Michelle Serret-Cursio, Pete Lawler, Fiona Lee Maynard  

Produced by Warde Elliott  

Recorded by:  
James Oysters Kilpatrick at the Oyster Cave  
Dave McCluney at Atlantis Recordings  

Mixed by Alex Quayle at Salt Studios  
Mastered by Joseph Carra at Crystal Mastering  

Artwork by Magenta Black 


I realise now it’s only just begun 
This fight I’m fighting that I thought I’d already won 
It’s one thing to get this far 
It’s a whole other thing to stay where you are 

It’s so easy to slip 
So easy to fall 
So hard to rise above it all 

Time comes and it’s gone so fast 
So quickly the future becomes the past 
And it passes by in the beat of a heart 
if you’re not careful you’ll be left at the start 

It’s so easy to slip… 

And if a crack should happen to appear 
I can understand your fear 
Because it’s far from graceful when you’re falling from grace 
It’s just another rat trap that’s been set up in this rat race 

It’s so easy to slip… 

Cry Out Loud 
Did you listen? Did you hear? Did you talk? 
Did you even make a noise? Did you move or just lay still 
Waiting for a break in the storm to go and make your kill? 

And did you hide, to see it out 
And did you hurt and cry out loud 

Did you look? Did you see? Did you notice? 
Did you even recognise the truth when it’s all around? 
You couldn’t look me straight in the eye, I want to take you down 

And did you hide… 

How does it feel when you tell all the lies 
To the ones who saw you through forgiving eyes? 
There’s only so much that they’re willing to do 
You’re gonna have to stand on your own two feet 
Ain’t anybody here anymore want to help you through 

And did you hide… 

Just to be Loved 
I never wanted for anything – just to be loved 

I know it sounds a little cliché 
But it’s what I think, it’s what I want to say 
Because you made me feel this way 

I never wanted for anything – just to be loved 

She made me feel like snow upon my cheek 
Made me feel fresh and young 
Made me breathe some life again 

I never wanted for anything – just to be loved 

Unconditional, that’s my only condition 
I know it sounds a little hypocritical 
but that’s just me all over 

Brand New Sky 
I kissed the cheek of you 
Closed your eyes too 
And I promised to do the things that I knew 
Would mean the most to you 

I’ll tell them all about you 
Be just like they knew you 
We both know it will never be true 
But it helps to ease the heartache 

A light so bold and stark 
Sometimes you long for dark 
But sooner or later you’re gonna look fear straight in the face 
It was there in your pale blue eyes 
Just like a brand new sky 
The darkness dissolves into the light 
There’ll be one last star gonna shine tonight 

I’ll tell them all about you… 

Sometimes you don’t need the truth 
A little lie is gonna get you through 
Sometimes it’s just a case of getting through 

I’ll tell them all about you… 

You’ll kiss the cheek of me 
And I hope you’ll see 
In my eyes a brand new sky 

Little Secrets 
I can’t believe it was such a beautiful day 
I just wanted the rain to come and wash my tears away 
But still the sun keeps shining reminding me not so gently 
This world ain’t just revolving around me 

And now I realise I’m just like everyone 
We’ve all got something that we’ve done that we won’t tell 

And its those little secrets that you keep 
Got you so scared of talking in your sleep

The setting sun was flicking through the trees 
Made me feel like I was driving in an old movie scene 
So I wind the window down and light myself a cigarette 
And start trying to drive like a movie star would 

And now I realise I’m just like everyone… 

And its those little secrets… 

Most Things Lose Their Shine 
If gold is what you want to wear 
Ain’t no point in hanging around here 
Cause I’m a man of steel 
There ain’t nothing precious about me 

If diamonds are gonna win your heart 
We’re not gonna make it past the start 
Cause I’m a man of simple needs 
And you’re a woman of complex greed 

And I believe in time most things lose their shine 

Gold leaf walls and marble floors 
Watching stocks rise and fall 
To me it’s all a bore 
but there ain’t nothing dull about me 

If fame is what you’re looking for 
Best go knock on another door 
Because I’m a man who very few know 
And you’re a woman who wants it all on show 

And I believe in time most things lose their shine 

I Don’t Call Anybody  
This is the last day for us to say  
Our goodbyes and let go forever  
We didn’t even have a conversation to mark the end  
You couldn’t even say goodbye my dear friend  

I don’t call anybody that anymore  
I don’t call anybody dad anymore  

There’s nothing more defined, nothing so clear  
Then the end when the end is so near  
Everybody’s got a comforting word  
It all sounds so familiar like a song you think you’ve heard  

I don’t call anybody that anymore…  

The morning sun came reaching in  
It’s long fingers touching everything  
no comfort did it bring just some light to help realise  
that everyone who lives someday dies  

I don’t call anybody that anymore…  

Fell Out of Love  
It could have been any other day when we said goodbye  
Your picture in the window was waving at me  
The distance flew and I felt like I could fly  
I was finally free  

I guess that seems like I didn’t care but I did  
I just fell out of love 

The day we spoke I confess I was drinking  
Under a big old tree smoking hash and singing songs  
Those were happy days and I got a lot of thinking done  
It could have been Madrid, it could have been anywhere  
I would have felt like I belonged  

I guess that seems like I didn’t care but I did  
I just fell out of love 

Free Our Hearts  
It’s all history now I suppose  
And I think I understand  
Why you chose just what you chose  
But I’ll always stand by my friend  

You were always gonna be a stand out  
you always had the brightest eyes  
I love the memory of us just hanging out  
Ignoring all those grown up lies  

Telling each other that love’s gonna free our hearts  

Not a day goes by when I don’t think about  
If somehow, some way I could have help you out  
Maybe you wouldn’t have felt quite so alone  
Maybe even held a boy of your own  
Because that’s the love that truly freed my heart  

You were always gonna be a stand out... 

One day I’m gonna get on that motorbike and ride  
And explore this big country  
And I know you’ll never be by my side  
I tell myself your heart is truly free  

You were always gonna be a stand out... 

You say you want to be me  
How easy it would be  
All these rendevouz with strangers and their ladies  
But I beckon you to stand in my shoes  
And see these one night stands with lonely lovers are so empty  

And everything seems to be sunnier under my cloud  

I say I want to be you  
And do the things you do  
Have your honesty and how you see things through  
You ask so many questions but never you’ve asked why  
The truth is like a baby  
So much to say but can only cry  

And everything seems to be sunnier under your cloud  

When it rains there’s a rainbow  
And that’s the earth hoping  
that the sun’s gonna shine some more  
And I hope it’s gonna shine under my cloud  

Where Has All the Love Gone  
An innocent heart, you watched it fall apart  
You thought you could pull it back together single handed  
You never could understand  
Just how things could get as such  
I can’t be with one of you when I love you both so much  

Where has all the love gone  
Surely can’t just disappear  
It’s got to be some place here  

As innocence erodes, so many emotions explode  
You find so many roads, down to escape  
Hell I’m not proud of how I shaped up  
I don’t want to know where I’m going and I’m not looking back  
My hearts been broken and I’ve fallen through the cracks  

Where has all the love gone…  

Where was I hiding on the night when I heard  
The truth finally spoken please not another word  
Keep lying  

My Most Perfect Day  
I’ve found a lot of answers  
But none to the questions that arose  
You might think that I’ve lost my composure here  
Because I’m crying, and I’m a grown man  
I’m sick and tired of being an emotional damm  
I want to break down these barricades  
That imprison my heart and leave it in shade  

I want some light  
To blind me, to touch me, to warm me, reveal me in love  
So let me dream, like I’m in some wild romantic scene  
And everything ends the way that it would  
on my most perfect day  

It’s hard to watch someone’s pride erode  
When everybody spoke of the promise that he showed  
But who made the promise was it he or all of you  
Who expected so much from a young man who never knew  
What his part was in the puzzle or was it in fact for him to solve  
When all he really wanted was some truth to be told  

I want some light... 

I tend to confuse love with loneliness  
On my most perfect day there would be only us  
When the night time comes you’ll always want to stay  
That would be my most perfect day