The Singer, The Songwriter and I

Warde Elliott is a singer, a songwriter and a story teller who grew up in the Riverina, NSW in a town called Leeton. It is only  natural that this country childhood would become the foundation of his songwriting. Since settling in Melbourne, releasing 4 albums and performing countless gigs across Australia and overseas , songwriting and performance are still the passions that drive Warde to continue his music journey. 

Warde’s voice possess a rich warmth that softens the delivery of his poignant lyrics. Some songs are reflective, some are observations melding the past with the present and fact with fiction. He has a “heart on his sleeve” approach that people easily connect with. 

The songwriting never stops and the next album is always on the way. It is an organic process that can occur at any time. It is not deliberate and the only real motivation is expression. Once it is written - then hope to hell someone likes it!

Warde's live performances include versions of songs from his favourite songwriters along with his own. Creating a narrative that explains the  influences that shaped his own songwriting and singing.